Sunday Session 12th of April

Darling Gardens Clifton Hill
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We were blown away by everyone’s eagerness to participate in the renegade show, and seeing how much you’ve all grown and learnt makes us unbelievably proud!This summer has been astronomically huge for Viral! We have all grown so much, individually and as a community. As summer draws to a close, Matty and I have put a lot of thought into what comes next for our tribe. We have chosen to make the Sunday Sessions events summer only, so there will only be four more Sunday Sessions this summer, including this one. Let me repeat that:THERE WILL ONLY BE FOUR MORE VIRAL HAPPINESS SUNDAY SESSIONS !!

We have multiple other exciting events planned for winter and the rest of the year, and Matty and I can’t wait to reveal them to you all!

The Viral Happiness Chalkboard will be there again this week, and anyone interested in running lessons, workshops, jams, or coordinated group hugs (:P) can write themselves in for any time during the day !!

WHERE: Batman Park, Melbourne VIC 3000
WHEN: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

What do you need to bring ??
– Yourself!
– Your friends!
– Cushions and Rugs
– Fuel
– Food/Drinks to Share
– A small donation
– Smiles
– An open heart
– The drive to learn something new!

What will be there ??
– A fire Amphitheatre !!
– Beautiful faces
– New friends
– Music
– Lots of toys to juggle and spin!
– Enthusiastic teachers
– FIRE !!!

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Viral Happiness – Powered by Participation!

We are working hard to bring you more!
More toys, more things to learn and try, and more fun!, we continue to put more of ourselves into our events each week! We ask that everyone bring a small donation (as little or as large as you feel!) to help Viral Happiness continue to grow and bring people together!

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