Viral Happiness Winter Renegade Show

18 dawson street brunswick
We had such a great time putting on our last renegade show , we proudly present Viral Happiness’ Winter Renegade Show!

WHERE: 18 Dawson Street, Brunswick
WHEN: 30th of August, Doors open 2pm, Show Starts at 5pm

Dawson Street Studios will be transformed into a wonderland of circus and a haven from the winter chill! We will host an evening of music, performances,awesome fun and general shenanigans – all powered by PARTICIPATION.

We welcome anyone who has something to share to jump up and do their thing, whether you’ve spent 5 weeks on it or 5 seconds! There will be a couch next to the stage, and anyone wishing to participate, need only take a seat!

There’s only one rule: THE COUCH CAN NOT BE EMPTY !!!

Doors will open at 4:00pm! We will host open workshop and creative space, and kick off the show at 5:00 !

Please keep performances under 5 minutes! The Viral Happiness crew is all about participation, and we would like to make sure that everyone has a chance to contribute!

We are running this event on a donation basis! we suggest a $10 donation, but please contribute as you see fit, as this allows us to cover our cost and run more of these type of events, and everything goes towards making Viral Happiness as best as can be!

We have a heap more information coming over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

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