Viral Happiness runs on the support of a large number of people, but these are the people who are always around and help things run smoothly.



The mastermind of Viral Happiness project. Matty conceptualised the idea’s of Viral Happiness when he arrived in Melbourne a few years ago. He’s been there from day one and continues to work hard on Viral Happiness events. He always has a smile and a warming hug to give all around him.
Prop of choice : Dragonstaff, Slackline, Rope Dart


Ethan is the other integral part to ensure Viral Happiness runs smoothly day to day. He’s always there with Matty setting up and packing down shop. Ethan is a man of many props, his ability to learn new things is second to none. You’ll always find Ethan sharing and teaching his skills to anyone who wishes to learn.
Prop of choice : Poi , Mini hoops , Double staff


Simon is a recent addition to the Viral Happiness group. He generally lurks in the background helping manage the media of Viral Happiness. You’ll find him playing with Poi or taking photos
Prop of choice : Poi , a Camera


Joel has been nothing short of an amazing addition to the Viral Family. He always give so much energy to the people around him. From being everything from the audio dude at the Winter renegade shows to running workshops on Sunday sessions.
Prop of choice : Poi, Dragon Staff, Contact Juggling Ball


Viral Happiness wouldn’t be as successful as it is without it’s awesome regulars! These talented people regularly share their talents to conduct workshops.



Reece’s loves to share and teach all he knows. He is a multi-talented person that has been running workshops for things like flow dance and making props.
Props of choice : Dragonstaff, staff , his dancing feet


Ali is a our regular tech hooper. He runs hoop workshops on a regular basis and always a crowd pleaser.
Props of choice : Hoops, flow wand


Dedicated poi and club lover, Toast has been a regular at Viral Happiness teaching his way of Poi manipulation and other poi geekiness.
Props of choice : Poi, Clubs


One of the original people of Viral Happiness, he’s been a supporter since day dot.
Props of choice : Rope Dart , Fans


Angus is a man of many talents, and a master of precision! Always pulling out new tricks and props, everything he does is polished and precise!
Props of choice : Prop of Choice: Dragon Staff, Whips, Unicycle


Usually found attached to a rope dart, Andrew is the most enthusiastic man you’ll meet! Always ready to lend a hand, meet new people, and teach a trick or two!
Props of choice : Props of Choice: Rope Dart, Contact Staff

Hall of fame

Viral Happiness has been blessed with amazingly talented people. A downside of this is sometimes the circus life sends us in another direction! Here are some of our past superstars.


Rich decided to leave the musky old England to travel and somehow ended up being part of Viral Happiness during it’s early days, he did a bit more travelling and came back to run some boss double staff and double staff making workshops.
Props of choice : Double staff, Rope Dart

Matt Russell

Matty was a key member Viral Happiness in his time in Australia. He always was keen to share and have a laugh with everyone around him.
Props of choice : Poi, Buugeng, Dragon Staff


Everyone knew Kate as the bubbly and loud hooper, she ran stretching, yoga and hoop classes through the summer.
Props of choice : Hoop, Fans, Yoga mat


Nat was here for the summer and an absolute superstar. He ran juggling, 2 high, and even balloon puppetry workshops.
Props of choice : Hats, clubs and slackrope


Cameron has been a part of Viral Happiness since he landed in Australia! He is always willing to empart knowledge or have a laugh!
Props of choice : Poi, Double Staffs


Tea’s bubbly personality and hoop workshops have always been a great part of Viral.
Props of choice : Hoops


Ariel has been a great asset from the early days of Viral. A smile that gleems and energy to share to everyone.
Props of choice : Acro, Dragon Staff